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What's inside?

There are 2 problems in this world. One, branding is amazing, but is complicated and hard to understand. Two, only old people are teaching it. Three (I know I said two but we live in a free world so I get to do what I like), no one teaches it for creative entrepreneurs (neglected as usual).
No worries, I've got your back! This gathering is a safe-space Q&A where you can share all the questions you have on building your brand (personal or business) and I* will be happy to answer them and guide you through it. You will get to make some amazing friends as well!

Who is this event for? [IMPORTANT TO READ]

The event is for creative entrepreneurs. That is either working in the creative industry (designer, filmmaker, etc.), or being generally creative and disruptive in your industry (even if it's food and beverage!).
You should be no older than 30 years old, and no younger than 20 years old, and you MUST hate formal networking events where people wear suits and exchange business cards. Also, if you're looking for a university lecture-like type of event, this event is not for you.
All colors, races and all sorts of human calssifications are welcomed, as long you are creative and you like having fun (liking cheescake is a plus).

*Who's the facilitator?

I am Mo. I am happily The World's Youngest Brand Consultant™. I have consulted entrepreneurs all over the world, was appointed as a mentor in a startup incubator, and many other stuff. I love branding, I hate formal and businessy stuff, and I live in a city where we have something people think aliens have built.

Limited seats are available to ensure maximum quality for every Awesome Attendee.


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Branding for Creative Entrepreneurs [ROUND #2]London, United Kingdom