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Online - London, United Kingdom
From Brand Strategy to Sonic Branding – explore how leading brands are disrupting the industry using new channels and evolving technologies. Discover the most innovative approaches to brand strategy from the world-class creative and advertising agencies.

A series of Branding Masterclasses specially created for experienced branding professionals, creative and design directors. From fresh approaches to brand strategy to sonic branding and – you will learn tools, frameworks and fresh case studies from the leading creative directors in London.

Apart from the presentations from top branding experts, you will also have a unique opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the most influential agencies in London with virtual office tours from the speakers.

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Who attends this programme
  • Creative and design directors
  • Brand managers and strategists
  • CMOs and heads of marketing
  • Graphic, digital and packaging designers
  • Professionals who are passionate about branding

What you will learn
  • How to make brands more human and customer-centred
  • What are the most undervalued brand strategies at the moment
  • Methodologies and frameworks London's creative agencies use
  • What do new technologies mean for the branding industry
  • How leading design studios work with clients and manage teams
  • How to build an authentic purpose-led brand
  • Best practices for brands on social media
  • Latest trends in design and branding


Understand how top design agencies approach branding, what frameworks they use and how they work with big clients.

Not just hear, but see how creative teams work in London. We've prepared some special virtual office visits for you, so you can see the space, feel the atmosphere and get some inspiration from our speakers.

No need to worry about time zones or your work schedule. As soon as the course launches, all masterclasses are available to enjoy whenever you want. Whether you prefer to binge-watch or saviour the experience, watch them at your own pace in your own time – the choice is yours.

Why Type?
Masterclass from Monotype
Named "One of the Most Innovative Companies in Design'' by Fast Company, Monotype brings brands to life through type and technology that consumers engage with every day. The company's rich legacy includes a library that can be traced back hundreds of years, featuring famed typefaces like Helvetica, Futura, Times New Roman and more. Together with their team we'll be looking at the role typography plays in branding. From creating an iconic and recognisable visual voice, through to the utility that brands need to deal with today’s digital world, and into the future.
  • Why should I care about type?
  • How you can use type to improve your brands’ distinctiveness and recognition
  • How you can use type to improve the function and utility of your brand now and into the future

Motion as a way to express brand identity
Masterclass from FutureDeluxe
FutureDeluxe is a motion, design and digital creative agency. Producing unique and innovative design-led digital experiences from animation & motion graphics to interactive installations, interface and application design. Their Brand and Motion Designer Conlan Normington will share his thinking process when he approaches a new project.
  • Using core principles of identity to create an emotional experience
  • How to leave space for the unexpected
  • How to write briefs that make motion designers go crazy

Getting into bed with your clients
Masterclass from Saffron Brand Consultants
Saffron Brand Consultants is an independent branding consultancy with offices in London, Madrid, Istanbul, Vienna and Mumbai. Founded in 2001 by Jacob Benbunan and Wally Olins, Saffron specialises in defining brand strategies with a special focus on experience design and innovation to build solid brand cultures. Learn from Saffron's team why relationships with clients matter in successful branding, influencing not only the result of the project but also future business.
  • How to build strong relationships with clients
  • Learn how a small team can effectively work with huge clients

The power of sound branding
Masterclass from The Sound Agency
The Sound Agency is a world-leading company specialising in sound branding, music for bespoke media and public spaces, not to mention generative audio installations. In this immersive session, their Design Director Antonio Nardi will share his approach to working with sound and how we can improve experiences of physical spaces through the power of sound.
  • Introduction to sound branding
  • How to merge tech and content creation for bespoke experiences

Using social intelligence to win new business
Masterclass from SHARE
Through a unique mix of data science and AI, SHARE delivers tailored, distinctive messaging that speaks directly to your target customer. Jasmin Fischer, Research and Insights Director at SHARE will deep dive into social listening, discussing how data can strengthen your brand and explain why it’s one of the most valuable data sources to uncover insights and supercharge strategy.
  • How to use social intelligence
  • How to use insights from social listening to increase brand relevance

Designing a Revolution
Masterclass from Revolt
The purpose consultancy and activism agency brands turn to when they want to change the world. Proudly B-Corp Certified, Revolt believes that the most successful brands of tomorrow take a stand today. In this interactive workshop you'll learn how to start, brand and spread revolutions for huge global clients through to challenger NGOs.
  • How to brand a movement for brands from corporate through to activism
  • 7 step framework on how to start and spread a movement
  • How to build brands that change the world

Launches on August 5th. Special offer: £399 (Offer ends July 27. Full price – £499.)
Content launches on August 5th & is available for 6 months.


Attendees — 7

Branding Masterclass: From Brand Strategy to Sonic Branding – explore how leading brands are disrupting the industryLondon, United Kingdom