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The Sublime

That feeling of being at once frightened and in awe, insignificant but at the same time invincible, eternal but also very finite and ephemeral – that’s the paradoxical sensation of the sublime! And as we enter ever more uncertain times, both technologically and existentially, the feeling of the sublime casts a shadow on our future, making us both wonder in anticipation and worry in trepidation. What scary frontiers are ahead of us in this ever-digital world? And what fascinations await?

Artworks: any New Media Art + 7 min. video related to the sublime

Exhibition: [maybe physical for 3-day in London] and certainly in VR Mozilla Hubs in Nov 2021

Deadline to apply: 5 Sep at 12:00 (noon) BST
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Call for Artists: The SublimeLondon, United Kingdom