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Are you waiting for the confidence to create the career you want?

If so, stop right now and get yourself to this webinar where we will bust some myths and deliver some truths around confidence and what you actually need to build the creative career you want.

Armed with knowledge on how your brain works and coaching techniques, you can overcome fear and reach your full creative potential.


Uncover the truth behind common confidence myths

Learn how to tap into your natural confidence

Discover how to build emotional strength

Learn how to feel good again after life’s little knocks

Walk away feeling inspired to chase your dreams

Led by Dina Grishin, an experienced life and career coach based in London, coaching worldwide. She works with individuals interested in developing their mindset and leveraging their untapped strengths for a more fulfilled, enjoyable and productive life.

Dina originally studied psychology, but after working in various jobs and industries, none of which fulfilled her, she did a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching psychology and found her calling as a coach.

Having successfully navigated her own Quarter Life Crisis, she made it her mission to help others out of feeling lost, stuck or unfulfilled, and into finding a career that aligns with their values so they feeling excited and sure-footed about their journey ahead.
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Confidence 101 for Creative CareersLondon, United Kingdom