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Does digital belong to one age group? Are certain genders better positioned for a digital career?
As a society we would assume not, yet statistics show us that businesses are still not prioritising upskilling for mature workers or female candidates.

The fast paced changes that have been made in recent years means that both future and present employees can fall behind if not given the opportunity and support to continue to educate themselves. Many employees over the age of 55 are looking for new careers and their potential lack of digital skills can be holding them, and their future employers, back. Nearly a fifth of this age group feel they lack sufficient digital skills even for their current job roles - let alone new ones.

There are also various structural inequalities in society that can impact females learning advanced digital skills and pursuing tech-related careers. Recent research has shown that females currently hold only 26.7% of tech related roles - so how do we work towards a society that gives everyone the same opportunities to become digitally literate? And how can upskilling these digitally-neglected employees benefit your business?

Join our webinar on December 14 at 13:00 CET for an enlightening discussion with industry experts:
  • Nataliya Kozak Klaverstijn, Account Director at Google
  • Jayne Sayer, CIO Group functions at Aviva
  • Richard Kuti, Inclusion Lead at AND Digital
  • Jeroen Kleinhoven, Benelux Executive at AND Digital
Don't miss this opportunity to contribute to the solution. Let's bridge the digital skils gap and ensure equal opportunities for all.


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Creating a digitally inclusive workforce - ensuring no one is left behindLondon, United Kingdom