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Deep Dive into Values: online group coaching workshop

Wondering what next in your career?
Having a hard time deciding what to focus on?
Feel like you have competing needs and wishes?

If you want to know yourself better.
If you want to stop overthinking, feeling unmotivated and stuck, and want to feel clear, aligned and in flow…
And if you want to learn how to read other people better.

Getting clear on your values will help. A lot.

Values are what’s important to us. .
They’re like a life philosophy that help guide our decisions and help us feel fulfilled and on purpose.
They should be obvious, so why is it so hard to identify them?
Or if you’ve articulated them, why doesn’t everything fall into place and feel clearer?

I’ve been coaching people on values for 5 years now and I’d say only in the last year have I really cracked values.

Before, I had been following the values exercises taught in my psychology degree, in my coaching psychology masters, what I'd read in peak performance books, TED talks, articles, you name it, I tried it all. I did whatev everyone else was doing. But what I noticed is that it wasn’t clicking for people. They could pick words they felt represented them, but that didn't move them. That didn't give them lightbulb moments.

The missing trick was for people to know what to do with them. How they could actually live by their values.
I finally discovered a route to values that made my clients feel like they understoodd themselves so much better and made them feel confident and clear about what to do next with their career and lives.

If you want to finally crack the code of discovering your values in a way that's useful to you everyday, join me on this 90 minute interactive, cameras on, everyone has a chance to speak, group coaching workshop.

What to expect
You’ll have exercises, breakout rooms discussions, group coaching, Q&A and plenty of examples to help you.
Numbers will be kept small so that everyone gets results. You will walk away with:

  • A clear idea of your values
  • How to use values to prioritise and make decisions
  • How to pick up clues about other people’s values
  • How to live by your values
  • How to resolve competing values

Who is it for
Anyone at crossroads, wondering what to do next.
Anyone who is curious about values and self-development.
Life long learners.

This is NOT for you if you want to work out your company or brand values. Individual values only.

This workshop is limited to 15 places. Secure your ticket now.
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Deep Dive into ValuesLondon, United Kingdom