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The Masterclass

Join me for this interactive webinar where we will explore 3 questions to begin your side hustle journey:
  • Why do you want a side hustle?
  • What would your side hustle be?
  • What is your definition of a successful side-hustle?

What's in it for you?

  • A deeper understanding of your motivation and reasons for wanting a side hustle
  • A clear view of what you want your side hustle to look and feel like when it is successfully done
  • A list of ideas of business or projects you could launch
  • Practical next steps you can take today and tomorrow towards your side hustle
  • Q&A where you can ask me anything from my years of experience

This masterclass is the first module of the Side Hustle Saturday School beginning on 23rd May.

Testimonials from the last masterclass

Really insightful and just opened my eyes on how transferable it all can potentially be
Thanks Jaz, this was super helpful, real and fun at the same time!!
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