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Discover how to master social media marketing from a digital native
Get practical training in how to harness social media to your advantage, learning from Dines, Creative Director of Studio Blup, a London based studio at the forefront of the new digital avant-garde.Gain cutting-edge communication design skills
Social media and digital technology have upended the traditional marketing and communications landscape, with even big brands struggling to connect with a new, digital culture.On this course, you’ll learn key insights into how brands can connect with their audience in the emerging world of digital media.Dines has partnered with Ravensbourne University London’s educator and design writer, Derek Yates, to create a series of short films, case studies, and practical interactive exercises that will give you the training you need to confidently build a successful digital marketing strategy.Learn how to build a social media following
Explore how to build your network, discover how to creatively disrupt, learn the theory behind contemporary communication design, and understand how to deliver inspirational creative content.You’ll come away fluent in digital storytelling, able to truly communicate on social media in a way that goes beyond algorithms and track data.

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 - Digital Marketing: Storytelling in the New Communication LandscapeLondon, United Kingdom