316 New Cross Rd, New Cross, London SE14 6AF, UK

Organised by Evil Sheep Productions

More than a movie, ‘Dissonance’ is an interactive film event. The 45-minute story features therapist, Simon Wetherby, loved by his patients and hugely respected, until following the tragic loss of one of his patients, it is revealed he holds no qualifications and has had no formal training. Is he simply an evil fraud or did he help his clients? A truly modern interactive event, on arrival audience members are invited to use the “interactive booth”, where they say what they think of Simon, based on the information they have been drip fed through social media. After watching the film, the audience members are asked again about their opinions of the case to see if watching the film has changed their mind.
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Dissonance, the interactive film event316 New Cross Rd, New Cross, London SE14 6AF, UKTickets