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Organised by Somerset House

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From home, learn to solder and build your own DIY sound device for recording and amplifying unhearable sounds. Led by Berlin-based music maker and artist Victor Mazon.

In this workshop, you will design and build your own high impedance amplifier with gain control and a sensor to detect electromagnetic fields. At the end of the workshop, participants will be provided with the necessary documentation on their use, modification and adaptation to other needs.

This workshop session is open to all levels, with no prior skills required. We will start from scratch with an induction to soldering for beginners to intermediate on soldering, but interest, patience and motivation mandatory. It is especially suitable for those interested in getting started in electronics, learning to identify the different electronic components and learning to solder the different components appropriately.

The most advanced will also be able to learn in detail how to solder SMT (Surface mount technology) components, the design and construction of a high-impedance amplifier, learn about the different forms of amplification and their differences between discrete or monolithic amplification.

When you book your place you will be charged a £20 booking fee. With this you will be booking a spot in the workshop. Please note there will be no refunds of the booking fee in case of cancelling / not showing.

This £20 booking fee will be deducted from the final price of the kit/s, shipping costs and any necessary tools you may need. The kit comes with all electronic components and a custom designed printed circuit board. We estimate the total cost will be between £75 and £90, including tuition, all electronic components and printed circuit board (PCB). Participants will be emailed to arrange delivery.

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Attendees — 7

 - DIY hardware workshop: unhearable sounds in the home with Victor MazonLondon, United Kingdom