London, United Kingdom

Organised by Tech Circus

The eCommerce Design Summit is the world’s first virtual conference dedicated to discussing how experience-led design is changing digital commerce.
Wednesday, 20th May, 2020. 08:00 – 18:30. Delivered via BigMarker webinar platform.

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The eCommerce Design Summit is the world’s first virtual conference specialising in the design of experience-led products for the eCommerce industry. The online event will cover Retail, Travel & Leisure brands.

Whether physical or digital, the experience that customers are given dictates who they buy from and how often. At EDS, we bring leading eCommerce brands together to share insights into their strategy, design and optimisation; to demonstrate the real, measurable impact of experience-led Product or Service Design. Central to the virtual conference is showcasing how an improved, personalised experience delivers on the business goals as much as answering user needs.

At the eCommerce Design Summit, 10+ hand-picked design leaders will present these ideas in the form of case studies that provide attendees with actionable ‘take-homes’ for their ongoing projects. These speakers represent eCommerce brands that are leveraging experience design principles & emerging technologies across the product development lifecycle, to transform the eCommerce experience and in turn, increase conversion rates for their businesses.

This conference will pull together over 500 digital enthusiasts, mostly working as Product/Experience/Design practitioners in eCommerce companies. No matter the size, if you are interested in understanding how some of the most successful brands approach the design of their eCommerce platforms, we want you to tune in. It’s as simple as that!

Featuring tons of digital networking opportunities – such as 1:1 advice rooms with our speakers, discussion rooms, breakout sessions, online after party, and of course full access to re-watch all talks at your leisure (with permissible presentation files). Don’t miss out on the world’s only virtual eCommerce conference full of “take home” content to help inspire your progression in the field of Product Design.

Our lineup so far includes:

Ricardo Vazquez (UX Manager, Shopify)
Shilpi Sinha (Head of UX/UI, IKEA) Ryan O;Connor (Director of UX & Design, Culture Trip) Steve Borges (Co-Founder, Biglight) Ross Arnone (Senior Product Manager, Tesco Labs) Johnny Quach (Chief Product Officer, Hostelworld)
Amanda Salter (Consultant, Newt Idea)
Kevin Lee (Chief Product Officer, eBay Korea)
Constantine Gavrykov (Global UX Director, Intersport) Charles Bodsworth (Digital Transformation Consultant, Imperial War Museum) Jack Freke (Product Owner, Trainline)
Martin Sandholt (Director of Product Design, Kayak) Prof. Karen Cham (Digital Transformation Expert)
Ryan O'Connor (Director of UX & Design, Culture Trip)

Get involved or miss out!

Agenda so far (subject to change):

08.00 – 08.45: Digital Networking (specialist networking on associated chat rooms & webinar channels): 08.45 – 09.00: Tech Circus Opening Introduction 09.00 – 09.30: Steve Borges (Biglight) 09.35 – 10.05: Charles Bodsworth (Imperial War Museum) 10.10 – 10.40: Kevin Lee (eBay Korea) 10.45 – 11.15: Short Break (specialist chat rooms) 11.15 – 11.45: Johnny Quach (Hostelworld) 11.50 – 12.20: Martin Sandholt (Kayak) 12.25 – 12.55: Shilpi Sinha (IKEA Group) 13.00 – 13.30: Constantine Gavrykov (Intersport) 13.35 – 14.15: Lunch & Digital Networking 14.15 – 14.45: Amanda Salter (Newt Idea) 14.50 – 15.20: Ross Arnone (Tesco Innovation Labs) 15.25 – 15.55: Ryan O’Connor (Culture Trip) 16.00 – 16.30: Jack Freke (Trainline) 16.30 – 17:10: Digital Networking Break (Speaker 1:1 Rooms, Breakout Sessions) 17.10 – 17:55: Biglight Panel 18.00 – 18:35: Ricardo Vazquez (Shopify)
Note: each speaker will answer their ‘top voted’ questions in a 5 minute Q&A at the end of their talk!
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