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See Kantor’s legacy through film, performance and conversation.

In this Dash Café, we celebrate Tadeusz Kantor: Polish theatre director, set designer, painter, performer, art theoretician and teacher whose work shaped contemporary theatre as we know it.

Kantor’s expressionist and surrealist work was revolutionary in the 20th century and he became known for art actions and ‘happenings’; performance and works of art that took place in galleries and theatres and challenged the boundaries between audience and performer.

He appeared as both commentator and director; raucous and emotional, creating deep pieces that arose from the oppressive darkness of WW2 and communist Poland from the 1950s onwards.

See Kantor’s legacy through film, performance and conversation; watch interviews with Kantor and footage of his shows, hear about him through UK artists and producers who worked with him and see his impact on theatre and galleries across Europe with performances from contemporary artists.

With Kinoteka – Polish Film Festival.
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