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This event invites creatives, from all disciplines (designer, developpers, researchers, strategists, artists, etc) who are looking to establish collaborations to realize projects together. It might be that you are looking for someone to join you in an existing project, share your dream project you have not started on yet, or if you are looking to get intrigued by other’s ideas and jump in to join in realizing them. This event is a FREE, but you need to reserve your ticket via Typeform https://vika37.typeform.com/to/tHz7zM What is collaboration? Collaboration happens when two or more people (are bringing in their expertise and) are working together to create or achieve the same goal. What are the benefits of doing them? - they'll keep your creative juices flowing - enrich your portfolio - a chance to meet some other cool creatives like you - you'll be motivated by others - you can learn from each other - you will bring some awesome projects to life (faster) Format 1) Zoom call We will start from a 40 minutes intro chat, where I'll share couple words about collaborations and invite you to define the projects you would like to collaborate on. 2) Slack After the call you'll be invited for a Slack channel where: - each of you will be asked to introduce themselve and share what projects would you like to work on - then over the next 2 days you'll be getting in touch with other people in order to create your teams and define your project goals - by Friday 3pm, on the Slack channel, you'll be asked to share who you'll be collaborating and on what projects - lastly over the weekend we will have a 10-15 min follow up call to have a chat about how are you planning to collaborate together Please when you sign up make sure, you can commit to the whole process. The event will be held in English. About The Design Kids TDK (The Design Kids) is a global online resource and local offline communities around the world, for thousands of student and graduate graphic designers. We aim to educate, inspire and connect you to the design industry. Website: www.thedesignkids.org Facebook: The Design Kids Copenhagen Instagram: @thedesignkids See you all soon! Vika - Copenhagen City Host
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 - Find (your new) Collaborators - #TDKtuesdaysCopenhagen, Denmark