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Normalising and addressing trauma is one of the most tender and generous things we can for ourselves, and for our partners, friends, family, and loved ones. Painful experiences can hold us back from discovering our highest potentials for pleasure, but learning how to overcome traumatic memories can allow us to come to peace with our past. This workshop will answer 3 main questions: What is trauma? What are the effects of trauma? And what are the foundational skills and practices I can use to start unwinding trauma? We will learn best practices for you to support yourself, as well as to relate to the trauma of a partner or another person in our lives. We will cover communication, acknowledgement, and the gradual process of triumphing over our trauma. Dr Hazel-Grace is a trauma-informed somatic sex educator, clinical sexologist, bodywork practitioner, and founder of an academy for training world-class sex-positive facilitators and leaders. She holds a PhD in Human Sexuality.

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Attendees — 5

(FREE WITH CODE) Reclaiming Trauma 101 – Sexual Healing Workshop with KamaLondon, United Kingdom