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London UK - 109 Station Rd, London, West Drayton UB7 7LT, UK

Organised by Somerset House

Curator Taylor LeMelle joins us to discuss Gallery 31 exhibition Swimmers Limb.
Swimmers Limb is the sixth season for Somerset House Studios' Gallery 31 exhibition space, curated by Taylor LeMelle. Featuring works by Tai Shani, Mani Kambo and Comuzi Lab, Swimmers Limb is ‘about’ no theme in particular. If it is about anything, it is about the viewer’s appreciation of whatever connections exist between their own life experience and these works.
Through a curatorial focus of connecting with their own intuition and exhibition-as-research, Swimmers Limb curator Taylor LeMelle is convinced that new possibilities emerge for joy, for longevity and for revelation when they can train their focus onto their own pleasure. For this talk, LeMelle shares insights into this curatorial approach and the ideas that reveal themselves from the works and processes that make up Swimmers Limb.


 -  (BST)
GALLERY 31: CURATOR TALK WITH TAYLOR LEMELLE109 Station Rd, London, West Drayton UB7 7LT, UK