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The workshop will be hosted live online where you will join Two Times Elliott and your fellow workshop mates. Participate from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere with a good internet connection. All links and access will be provided ahead of your workshops beginning. 
Workshops are open to students, professionals and inquisitive creative minds of all ages and stages.
Language: English
Price: £86
Equipment Required: Computer / Internet / Adobe Illustrator (or equivalent) / Miro (online whiteboard tool) account
Day 1: Tuesday 14th June 14:00-18:00 BST
Day 2: Thursday 16th June 14:00-18:00 BST
Together we will harbour unexpected outcomes using a specific set of self-designed shapes and typography, constructed and then reconstructed into larger pieces, exploring the possibilities of collaborative design and the impact of creating within strict limitations.

About Two Times Elliott
Two Times Elliott is an award-winning, design consultancy founded in 2010. Balancing strategy and design, all of our outcomes are underpinned by a worldly concept; whether social, environmental, psychological, historical, cultural or purely symbolic. We believe this layers a richness into the process, the thinking and the result, which is always full, but reductive – ensuring only purposeful elements find their way ‘onto the page’.
With our client objectives and their end-user in mind, our strategic process begins with primary research that informs the articulation of brand positioning and market placement. In most instances, this also uncovers a wide range of collateral and initiatives that help brands both speak to and meet the needs of their audience/s. Our design acumen is transferable, and has seen us produce successfully across brand identity, art direction, digital, product and packaging, campaigns, interiors and activations.
Our holistic view of business and branding means we are a useful brand partner – supportive and attentive – with access to a creative community that assembles challenge to challenge. Thinking and design, function and form, creative and commercial, our client and yours – all sides considered.
Workshop Information
“Collaborative Quilts” — Originally, quilting bees were gatherings where women would come together to create a single quilt, usually made for a specific person or occasion. Quilts were originally made from scraps of fabric that were then cut and reassembled together to create or recreate certain visuals.
In this workshop, we will be taking inspiration from traditional quilt-making methods translated into a digital format. The participants will be split into groups of three and given a specific framework to produce quilts using a collaborative online tool.


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"Harbour unexpected outcomes ‘Collaborative Quilts’ with Two Times Elliott"London, United Kingdom