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We’re apart and we’re staying apart. But we can still come together for a bit of fun and inspiration after work.

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In the return to economic normality, we have a rare opportunity to improve on what came before - not a 'new normal' but a 'better normal'. So what role will you play? What will you recover, forget, actively change? Let our world class speakers inform, guide and challenge your thinking. Register here hand we'll send you a zoom link and password on the day of the event.
Our speakers this week : Bruce Daisley Bestselling author of 'The Joy of Work' a guide to fixing work cultures, formerly ran Twitter in Europe, Middle East and Africa, rated in the Evening Standard's Top 1000 Most Influential Londoners Anna Hyde traded a successful career as a marketing director for a life of activism with Extinction Rebellion, the international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience to halt mass extinction, presenter on XR's Rebel Radio. Dr Daniel Butt Associate Professor of Political Theory and Fellow of Balliol College, Oxford. Regularly featured on BBC Radio. At Grey Consulting, we know change is easier said than done. The last thing a society, organization or individual ever wants to do is transform itself. That’s why, amidst the coming urgency to return to our economic baseline, we must consider how to build toward an improvement on what came before — not a ‘new normal,’ but a ‘better normal’. This is how innovative leaders and businesses will interpret the opportunities afforded by the crisis and the recession. • Balancing short-term recovery versus long-term resilience • Championing a more sustainable, Green Recovery • Birthing a new workplace culture As countries begin to re-open for business, we’re all asking ourselves: what exactly are we trying to return to and what is our role in shaping what comes next. Join us next Wednesday evening at 5.45pm BST / 12.45 pm ET to hear our eminent speakers engage with the theme and help us build a better normal. See you there!


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