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Accelerate Your Freelance Career

  • Tips & Recommendations to make getting started easier and faster.
  • Money-saving Ideas to get the most out of limited resources and time.
  • Expert Advice to avoid the mistakes we made when we started out.

You can't miss this if...

✅ You want to find and successfully pitch to the right clients
✅ Finances, deadlines and platforms scare you
✅ You're terrified of wasting time on something that won't work

Here's what our previous attendees have to say...
"Thank you so much! This has been one of the most eye-opening Q&A’s for me and I really enjoyed it, amazing!!" - Suzanna Easton, WORKSHOP ATTENDEE
"I’ve joined multiple free online events in this topic and I thought this one was the best because although there was a course that was being promoted, it wasn’t all about that. The event as a stand alone webinar was in itself extremely useful and that is why I decided to enrol. Thank you so much!" - Anonymous, WORKSHOP ATTENDEE
"I love how the event was short and sweet. Very to the point, therefore, extremely practical. It helped me reflect on how I have been doing things and how I have approached myself trying to go freelance."- Anonymous, WORKSHOP ATTENDEE
Come to our event to finally get the chance to create a business based on doing what you’re really passionate about.

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Attendees — 18

How to build a successful freelance business [FREE WORKSHOP]London, United Kingdom