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Design Council would like to invite you to register for our virtual event on how to best engage communities using digital tools.

Our latest research on how design is needed for Health & Wellbeing (and the digital workshop discussion that followed) found that inclusive community engagement is critical. The best community engagement not only lets professionals understand people’s needs and aspirations, but also creates interactions between different groups of people, and gives people a voice and support to design their own futures. The goal is to craft engagement strategies which build trust and confidence and are relevant to communities’ and not organisational ones. As design practice evolves, we need to move from combining multidisciplinary design teams towards an integrated team with peer researchers and activists within communities.

Digital technology provides greater opportunities for engagement because it enables organisations to reach a broader audience in a cost-effective manner and build trust which results in deeper engagement. Also, COVID and social distancing have made a necessity to engage in this way, especially for people who might be observing shelter-in-place. Lastly, this also allows organisations to receive real-time feedback, which then can be actioned by key decision-makers.

Part of Design Council’s role is to show value and best standards in design. Therefore, we’re delighted to host this digital event with some of the best designers across service design and place-shaping to share digital tools that enables you to understand and engage with people.

Learn about:

  • How to adapt your current engagement methods to digital
  • How to build trust and relationships through digital
  • How to engage communities in the design of services and places through digital tools

Hear from:

  • Duncan Bain, New Practice
  • Sarah Jones-Morris and Dr Jo Morrison, Association of Collaborative Design
  • Matt Mcstravick, Deepr
  • Akil Benjamin, Comuzi
  • Sarah Drummond, Snook

This event will interest:

  • Local authorities
  • NHS
  • Charities
  • Designers


Attendees — 165

 - How to engage communities using digital toolsLondon, United Kingdom