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The internet has changed over time, and the Metaverse is a result of that evolution. As a result, our everyday lives will almost certainly spill over into the Metaverse.

The digital economy is spreading its roots in the Metaverse as well, allowing people to create, buy, and sell items on the platforms. It’s also interoperable, according to the most utopian Metaverse concepts, allowing you to move virtual things like clothing from one platform to another.

As a result, companies like OpenSea, Microsoft, Meta, Roblox, The Sandbox (SAND), and others are attempting to realise the Metaverse. So, if you want to work in the Metaverse, NFTs, or Web3, you should first understand what your job entails. Let's talk about it.

This webinar will lay out a strategy for finding clients and expanding your portfolio into the Metaverse.


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How to get a job in Web3London, United Kingdom