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Most creatives mistake building an audience for landing clients.

In this webinar, we'll go over the various ways you (as a freelancer) can get noticed by clients without using social media.

Almost every article and piece of freelancing advice revolves around CONTENT. Urging all creatives to join social media and get their work on as many portfolio sites as possible, even if it means starting a blog. All in the name of getting someone to notice your work and hire you. These avenues attract an audience but necessitate constant attention and a significant amount of time. This is not the place to expend all of your energy as a freelancer, especially at first.

If you're an illustrator, stylist, photographer, or other type of freelancer, the audience you build on these platforms will likely not include many, if any, paying clients. People who 'like' your posts are not the same people who will hire you. So we went ahead and compiled a list of various ways for you, as a creative freelancer, to spend your time efficiently in order to get the clients you deserve.

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How to get clients as a freelancer without social mediaLondon, United Kingdom