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Please note this is a paid event. 50% of the funds will go to Care Workers Charity, an organisation to provide financial support to care workers in self-isolation. The rest 50% will go back into providing help for creative freelancers.

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In this webinar, we'll discuss 4 ways how you (as a creative freelancer) can get clients without the use of social media channels. Including, marketplaces, website improvements & SEO tactics, content, cold outreach, and collaboration.

Almost every article, piece of advice about freelancing is oriented around CONTENT. Urging all creatives to sign up for social media, and get their work on as many portfolio sites as possible, pushing them to even start a blog. All for the sole mean of getting someone to notice your work and book your service. These avenues attract an audience but require constant attention and a lot of time. This is the wrong place to dump all your energy as a freelancer – especially in the beginning.

If you’re an illustrator, stylist, photographer, or any other type of creative freelancer, the audience you build on these platforms will not include many paying clients, if any. The people ‘liking’ your posts are not the same people who will hire you for work. So we went ahead and prepared a list of different ways you as a creative freelancer can spend your time efficiently getting the clients you deserve.

Please note this event will be adapted from earlier events we have hosted regarding this subject. If you have attended one of our client acquisition without social media events please note content will be similar but will contain more detailed approaches.

Get your ticket via Eventbrite (here). Limited to only 100 tickets.
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How to get clients as a freelancer without social media - 4 Way ApproachLondon, United Kingdom