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Organised by Impact Brixton

This week we have Marilena Dyranis-Maounis with “How to make new friends in your 30’s+”.

Making friends becomes harder over the years, due to changes in your direct social circle and having fewer opportunities to meet new people. Sometimes, everyone around you seems busy and unavailable, but there are ways and mindsets that can help break down these barriers. Take advice from a woman who cannot have enough friends and is always looking for new ways to make more.

This session is ideal:
  • for anyone over 30 who wants to learn to make new friends or anyone younger who wants to prepare for the future!

Marilena has worked for events for 20 years, so observing social human behaviour has been her favourite work entertainment.

Plus she got her BSc Psychology early on in life and has constantly been expanding her knowledge on the human Psyche. And, she cannot have enough friends, so even now in her first year of 40+ is looking for new ways to meet new people and actually create meaningful friendships.

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