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Challenging conversations are all around us:

  • At work, you may find it hard to raise your voice, competing with loud, extroverted colleagues
  • At home, you may find it hard to raise the issue of ‘cleaning up after yourself’ with your partner

Most of us just weren’t taught how to have challenging conversations in a constructive way. Imagine if those awkward talks felt a little bit more comfortable, and that you were actually able to influence the outcome.
That’s what we want to teach you on this workshop.

Have you ever…?

  • Spoken up at meetings, been ignored, and then heard your point raised by someone else
  • Been constantly interrupted at meetings by the same extrovert
  • Had to give (disappointing) feedback to an employee (who is also a good friend)
  • Had to keep chasing invoices, images, or other requests of yours that have been ignored
  • Had to tell clients you’re raising your prices
  • Had to ask for a raise from a boss you don’t get on with

Most of us either avoid, or anxiously knuckle through these kind of situations, and don’t often experience much change. We're here to change that once and for all with this workshop.

What you will get

Guided by coaches who have been empowering creative minds and souls for a combined 15 years, you will learn all about:

  • How to stay calm during a tough conversation
  • How to prepare for a conversation with a challenging person
  • How to state your needs and raise your opinion with confidence
  • How to stick to your values and beliefs and come out the other side feeling proud of yourself

You will tap into the power of group learning.
You’ll see you’re not alone in this.
You’ll learn from others, share your wisdom and receive support back.

If you have been to one of our previous workshops, and wanted a longer, more in-depth session: this workshop is for you.

If you haven’t been to our workshops before, and crave a comfortable, supportive space to transform the challenging conversations in your life, this workshop is for you.

Book now as numbers are limited.
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