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London, United Kingdom
Struggling to get your target audience to feel as passionate about your creative business as you do? The secret lies in effective storytelling – sharing what you do in a way that people can understand, relate to and connect with.

In this Zoom Dive, storytelling expert Amanda Harrison will explain five techniques you can use as a framework for telling your business’ story. You’ll learn how to go from merely announcing the selling points of your brand or product to conveying the meaning behind your business in a way that creates buzz and builds community.

Expect to hear:

  • Why storytelling for business is becoming more important than ever before.
  • How to get to the real meaning of why you’re in business.
  • The ‘5 Stories’ methodology (origin, empathy, purpose, product and vision).
  • How to use the framework to tell new stories whenever your business changes direction or grows.

Who this Zoom Dive is for:

Creative entrepreneurs and startups looking to get their business off to a flying start, plus already-established creative businesses that want to reconnect with their audience.

About Amanda Harrison

Amanda Harrison is the founder and creator of the 5 Stories methodology, which covers five angles business owners can hone in on to tell their story. Amanda works with entrepreneurs, startups and established companies who want to stay true to their mission and connect with their audience in a meaningful way.

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How to tell stories that truly connect with your audienceLondon, United Kingdom