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How often does fear get in the way of your personal and professional goals? If you're someone who wants to achieve but feels continuously held back by fear, a lack of self-worth, or knowledge on how to get what you want, we're here to help. Join Dior Bediako and Stefanie Sword-Williams as their share their personal journeys of overcoming fear in their careers and how they use self-doubt as a motivator to reach their dreams.

During this live Q&A we'll cover:
- How and when fear pops up for us
- How fear has driven us to achieve goals
- What resources have helped us through the process
- What techniques we use to reduce self-doubt
- How we set SMART and sustainable goals
- How we've never allowed age to be a barrier

We'll also open up the floor to you to ask us questions on the topic so join us for a free live Q&A from two female founders who have built their careers on believing in themselves.


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How To Turn Your Fear Into Success with Dior Bediako & Stefanie Sword-WilliamsLondon, United Kingdom