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Dublin, Ireland

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Elodie Lavasseur is an entrepreneur, marketer, brain-based coach, she helps women become extraordinary leaders and to create a world-class business and life. Ahead of International Women’s Day we will look at ways to improve your self-care and work life balance, one year into lockdown.

We all are craving for some kind of balance in our life, we want to feel good about ourselves, and not feel guilty about what we do (or don’t). With life and work now blending with each other, we end up being so busy trying to do everything at once, that we forget to drink water, sleep, deeply listen to our partner, friends and family, and eventually we lose sight of our dreams, purpose and of the things that truly matter to us.
This workshop focuses on techniques and neuroscience around work-life balance and the challenges women face juggling responsibilities at work and home.

Research shows that women are nearly twice as likely to suffer from mental illness, and we all have our unique reasons for those mental distresses. Finding the work/life balance sweet spot that works for us can really make a difference for our mental health and how we operate in life.

Ahead of International Women’s Day, we get a chance to define what work/life balance means to us and what we want to get out of it. Identifying activities that we can do more of, or less of, will help to create and maintain mental wellbeing. Learning to say no, creating healthy boundaries, delegating, prioritising and simplifying tasks are activities that can help to make time for the things that give your life deeper meaning.

Elodie will share strategies for survival and a concept call the “Healthy Mind Platter” to help with reflecting on how to find your ideal work/life balance sweet spot.

This event is open to all, as it’s celebrating International Women’s Day it may be more focussed towards women at times, but all are welcome to attend.

About the Host:

Elodie Levasseur is the founder of Dreamsparkleandshine.com, helping women to become extraordinary leaders and create a world-class business and life.

As a brain-based coach, marketer and sacred feminine practitioner, Elodie helps women to embody their true feminine power, by establishing a strong connection of who they are as women so they can become effective leaders in our society.

Over the past sixteen years, Elodie has been leading teams within International environments and worked in senior marketing roles for various industries from financial services to higher education, media, luxury fashion and tourism.

She then trained as a Brain-Based Coach with the Neuroscience Leadership Institute – working with communication and engagement techniques to improve on a person’s thinking in a brain friendly way and ultimately create changes that last.

Elodie also trained as a sacred feminine practitioner, learning to cultivate female sexual energy, honour feminine rhythms to support other women on their journeys.
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International Women's Day - Balancing Work & Self-Care a Year into Lockdown with Elodie Lavasseur (Open to All)Dublin, Ireland