Into the Industry
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14 Hewett St, London EC2A 3NP, UK

Organised by MediaMonks

Marketing and Advertising. Creative and Design. Project Management and Production. Digital Media and Measurement. Data Science and Analytics.

What does it all mean?

Into the Industry is a series of free in-person talks. Featuring industry leaders, these events will demystify the Marketing and Advertising industry, give you useful insights and advice, as well as actionable steps for how to get… into the industry.

On Wednesday 1st February, join us at our Creative and Design event where you can listen, learn and ask all you need to know about being a creative and designer in the digital age. Network with top talent in the industry and make connections that count.

This event will be hosted by Media.Monks, one the industry’s fastest-growing digital enterprises with expertise across the media landscape.

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Attendees — 10

 -  (GMT)
Into the Industry14 Hewett St, London EC2A 3NP, UK