The Curtain - London, United Kingdom

Organised by Women of Power UK

The ConveHERsation Network @theconvehersationnetwork (Formerly Women Of Power UK) is a platform designed to help encourage, edify and enlighten women! We believe that talking is therapeutic! We also believe in community-building, especially away from the online space. We believe in the power of connection, doing things outside of your comfort zone, and in sharing stories a way to inspire & relate.
Our next event is about Self Love, Self Care & Community we will be joined by some awesome women including Nia The Light, Elise Loubatieres (@LittleMissPlumful), Emily Lavinia of @Aceandboogie, Caroline La Bouchere (@carolinelabouchere) & Robbi of @rlanc
This will be an open panel meaning we will be encouraging audience participation! For those of you that have been to our events you already know we love to get interactive! We are amping it up even more for a real great CONVEHERSATION.
Selfishness isn't bad but sometimes you get so comfortable serving yourself you forgot about the humans around you. You know the whole ‘I want to look after myself, my mental health, my money’ but I also miss humans from time to time. I find nowadays we struggle to maintain meaningful relationships! Cancel culture has become cool and we can be so ‘in love with ourselves’ we fail to notice our shit stinks sometimes. Weird right?!
Why is my self love causing me self inflicted pain (sometimes)?
Do we throw in the towel on each other too soon?
Have we lost the sense of community?
Is a sacrifice being made here?
Is it more me me me and less us us us?
Nia The Light (@niathelight)
Zimbabwean & English Gemini Nia is a breath of fresh air in the YouTuber community. She is a confidence advocate with younger girls learning to accept their bodies and quirks and has started a movement called #Froday (Fro Friday) dedicated to embracing her curls! Recently, she has ventured into the business of hair and has opened her salon The Curl Bar London which is a safe space for women to feel empowered. Her book The Book of Light comes out in 2020 which will share her journey of girl to woman through self love.
"It started with a simple acceptance to love my natural hair that has somehow allowed me to grow as a person. Acceptance of your flaws and your imperfections leads to great things. Embrace who you are, embrace everything about you, embrace your flaws. They are what make you, you" - Nia The Light.
Elise Loubatieres (@littlemissplumful)
Elise is a self confessed beauty addict! She creates content for beauty brands including demo videos and reviews. She is particularly interested in skincare and likes to indulge in quite a lengthy routine every evening. You can follow her on Instagram at @littlemissplumful , Youtube Little Miss Plumful or via her blog www.littlemissplumful.com
Emily Lavinia (@aceandboogie)
Caroline La Bouchere (@carolinelabouchere)
Caroline is model and ambassador for her generation. She now communicates her message of being her best self, by inviting people into her life to see how she made her transformation.  She regularly meets up with ladies who feel a little unsure of their next step.  Sharing her happiness and energy for life.
Robbi (@rlanc)
Robbi love to travel and documents her experiences via her platform Robbi Enroute. Travel is important to Robbi both as her own method of self care and as a way to connect with communities from around the world.
The Host for the evening will be 'Priscilla (@IAmNotMyLipstick) ' who is the founder of Women Of Power UK. Priscilla will be asking some deep and relevant questions around the subject and will anchor the evening!
We will be holding the event at THE CURTAIN (@thecurtainldn) in Shoreditch - The Curtain is a hotel & private members club that lie in the heart of Shoreditch on the famous Curtain Road.
For any more details on what we do at The CONVEHERSATION Network please visit our online platform - www.theconvehersation.com or email us at hello@theconversation.com or
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