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'The UX Crunch at home' brings the successful UX meetup series to you in online/live-streamed format! This episode covers Design Ethics. After you have purchased a ticket we will add you into the Live-Stream event's registration list and you will be sent an email confirmation! This will involve instructions on how to join the event.

Sit down with us to explore what it means to design for humanity; building on human strengths rather than exploitation. Ethics differ from person to person, so we'll be digging into what it really means to be 'ethical'. We'll discuss our own responsibility as designers, to carve out the sort of career we want for ourselves as we move into the world of business. We'll aim to understand the importance of conducting our own due diligence when selecting the type of projects we engage with and establish our own voice and accountability to ensure we're delivering ethical designs which positively impact the world around us. With the rapid rise of emerging technologies; 'deepfakes' and 'fake news' exemplify why we need more discourse around the ethical implications of our work. How can we, as designers and researchers, become better architects of the digital world? Join us as we sit down for another fantastic evening of case studies, insight, networking and more! FEATURING Hollie Lubbock - Freelance UX Director Bill Tribble - UX & Product Design Lead Aoife Corbett - Senior UX Researcher - Guardian News & Media

** IF EVENT IS SOLD OUT ON THE DOTS, FIND MORE TICKETS AT TECH CIRCUS TV! ** -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE however you can watch the recorded event if you miss the live stream. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- TALKS AND DISCUSSIONS Hollie Lubbock - Freelance UX Director Hollie is an experience design director, she helps clients deliver products and services that excite audiences and answer business needs. Over the last ten years, she has worked in the luxury, culture, publishing & tech sectors, collaborating closely with clients to create user-centered designs for a wide range of digital products, from large-scale collections systems to small innovative app projects. Her passion projects explore computing ethics, how technology impacts society and trend analysis. She has worked with various London agencies and in-house for Fjord, Huge, Code & Theory, The Times and Bureau for Visual affairs where she led the UX and design teams. She mentors early-stage startups as part of the Google Launchpad program and junior UX designers through UXPA. When not designing she’s a travel nerd, exploring the world and getting to know new people and places. Her client list includes Google, Facebook, Net-A-Porter, BBC, Selfridges, Southbank Centre, The V&A, Paul Smith, Wellcome Collection, NBC and Deep Mind. A keen mentor she teaches children design thinking as part of Design club, mentors early-stage startups as part of the Google Launchpad program and junior UX designers through UXPA. When not designing she’s a keen traveller and photography addict. Design For Humanity Humanity is feeling the effects of huge changes due to design and technology but often is left out of the considerations when we create that world. What does it mean to design ethically, and how can we do it? Hollie will explore how and why we should switch from a focus on individuals to focus on humanity. Bill Tribble - Independent UX & Product Lead Bill Tribble is a digital product designer who has worked with some big companies like Google, Canon, and BT - and some awesome startups like endlesss.fm. He also teaches, and has worked an instructor with the Adobe XDI team, General Assembly and Designlab. Outside design, he likes to write, speak, and make stuff (see his Instagram). He also has a keen interest in meditation and the ethics of technology. The Bicycle That Rides You Where are we with technology in 2020, and how did we get here? How can we design technology that builds on human strengths, rather than exploiting human weaknesses? In this short talk, Bill will discuss these questions, provide language to discuss the problems, and tips on framing the future design challenges in your work. Aoife Corbett - Senior UX Researcher - Guardian News & Media Aoife Corbett is a Senior UX Researcher at the Guardian. After a first career in arts administration in Ireland, she moved to London and discovered that her passions for making systems work for humans - and for asking difficult questions - were a natural fit for UX. Since then she has worked in user research everywhere from small community social enterprises to healthtech start-ups to giant government departments, helping them to understand how they can, and why they should, make better digital products and services for real people in the real world. In her time off from being professionally curious, she indulges her personal curiosity through books, films and wandering London. Please Research Responsibly UX is still a new field and many of its rules are unwritten. Aoife will discuss the ethical duties we have to research participants and to the information they share with us, and why it’s not just about following standards, but setting them.

  • 6.00PM - Event Opens - Time to Network
  • 6.15PM - Talk 1 - Hollie Lubbock - Freelance UX Director
  • 6.45PM - Talk 2 - Bill Tribble - Independent UX & Product Lead
  • 7.15PM - Break
  • 7.30PM - Talk 3 - Aoife Corbett - Senior UX Researcher - Guardian News & Media
  • 8.00PM - Live Panel QnA
  • 8.30PM - Event End
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