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Organised by Lone Design Club

An Accelerator masterclass to provide brands with information on how to conduct business in Europe in the face of Brexit. For to sign up for tickets go to our Website: Lone Design Club

About this Event

Lone Design Club are hosting a Brand Accelerator in association with Alinea to outline how fashion brands can adapt and prepare for an EU exit. Developing an understanding to effectively communicate around Brexit, and benefit from any new opportunities that leaving the EU may bring.
There are many questions surrounding Brexit; this event will offer fashion entrepreneurs the opportunity to directly ask questions relevant to your company.
Following the UK’s decision in June 2016 to initiate Article 50 and withdraw from membership of the European Union, businesses that operate on an international basis are considering what to anticipate, and how to adapt. The government is encouraging businesses to prepare for a ‘no deal’ exit through the distribution of preparatory content via Getting Ready for Brexit on www.gov.uk/brexit, but this is not sector specific, and can be difficult to navigate. From a fashion industry perspective, companies who manufacture, buy goods and distribute within Europe are considering the potential shift in market conditions and routes to trade and how to accommodate and plan for a transition.
82% of the fashion sector is represented by micro-businesses and SMEs, and the manufacturing sector is likely to be amongst those sectors most heavily affected by any new trading agreements. In Trading with Europe, Alinea educate and analyse trading conditions and a potential shift in policy, reflect on how this may impact the fashion industry and provide recommendations and resources on how to adjust to enable fashion brands whose supply chain is based in Europe to prepare and protect your brand, and deliver effective leadership through business management planning and communications.
The factors that need to be considered include:
• CITES (The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species and Flora)
• Common Transit Convention
• Export paperwork
• Export tariffs
• Generalised System of Preferences (GSP)
• Import tariffs
• Intellectual Property, Copyrights and Trademarks
• Labelling
• Outward Processing Relief (OPR)
• People and Workers’ Rights
• Public Procurement
• REACH regulations
• Samples (bringing in or taking out)
• Standards
• Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP)
• VAT (for importing and exporting)
What to expect:
6.30pm: Arrive + drinks
7pm: Talk
8pm: Q&A
8.30pm: Networking
9pm: Close

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Attendees — 11

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