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Aimed towards beginners with little or no experience, all the way to more advanced learners, this Skills Bootcamp will help you get to the next level in Blender.

With a mentor, you’ll learn how to use its interface, understand the principles of modelling, create 3D models, learn the basics of animation, create your own materials, make UV maps, unwrap your models, and create animations for your objects and characters.

And the best part - it's free for anyone based in Cambridge, Peterborough or North of Tyne.

What you'll learn?
- How to use Blender and its elements
- The principles of mesh modelling and advanced modelling techniques
- The principles of sculpting
- How to correctly use textures and materials
- How to render in Blender
- To create game assets
- How to model a simple stylised character
- How to sculpt your character in Blender
- How to create your own 3D environments in Blender

Who can apply?
To qualify for a completely free bootcamp place, you must:

- Be born before 31st August 2004
- Have the right to work in the UK
- Based in Cambridge, Peterborough or North of Tyne
- Be a self-employed professional
- Demonstrate a passion for the creative industry
- Be able to dedicate 10 hours/week

Where to apply?
For information or to apply - https://hubs.li/Q024hyk20


Attendees — 13

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Learn 3D modelling in Blender - with a mentorLondon, United Kingdom