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On 26 July 2021, Serpentine’s Legal Lab, which investigates legal issues and prototypes accessible legal solutions for the art field, releases Legal Lab Report 1: Art + Tech/Science Collaborations. The report surveys the legal issues faced by collaborators in art and technology/science projects. The findings of the report are based on responses received from over 250 artists, technologists, cultural institutions, funders, academics and lawyers, as well as 30 in-depth interviews and social media polls, with the view of identifying and analysing legal issues that arise in art + tech/science collaborations. Some of the most critical pain points include the different working expectations of collaborators; limited access to specialist legal advice for contributors from the art field; ownership of and rights to use intellectual property arising from collaborations. The report includes action points to improve the working methods of such cross-sectoral projects.

On 7 September 2021, please join us for the launch presentation of the report with Alana Kushnir, Legal Lab’s Principal Investigator, Marie Potel-Saville, founder of legal design agency Amurabi, and Victoria Ivanova, Serpentine R&D Strategic Lead. The event will be livestreamed via Serpentine’s Twitch.

Legal Lab Report 1 is produced by Serpentine Legal Lab in collaboration with Amurabi.


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Legal Lab Report 1: Art + Tech/Science CollaborationsLondon, United Kingdom