House of Transformation, Unit 4 222 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AX - London, United Kingdom

Organised by House of Transformation

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Join me for 90 minutes of guided movement, free flow dance, breath work and Liquid Gold sound healing. This is the launch of a series of Liquid Gold events in collaboration with the House of Transformation.

What is Liquid Gold?
Liquid Gold is a new paradigm in sound healing and an audio journey led by Johny Dar’s original language and extraordinary vocals.

Liquid Gold events combine the Liquid Gold sound journey with a carefully crafted combination of movement, dance and breath work practices, holding the intention to co-create a space for transformational healing to occur within the individual and as a community.

You are warmly invited to gift yourself this time and space to relax, unwind and come home to yourself through the realigning of body, mind and spirit. The space is held for you to move through any blocks, limitations or inhibitions, and emerge renewed, refreshed and nourished from the inside out.

The Liquid Gold journey is 90 minutes - 30 minutes of movement and breath work, followed by 60 minutes of the Liquid Gold sound bath.

Benefits include stimulating melatonin production, balancing circadian rhythms, calming the sympathetic nervous system/activating the parasympathetic nervous system, nurturing creativity and imagination, healing the body at a cellular level, DNA activation and more…

Please note that everyone will remain on their own (socially distanced) mat for the duration of the journey. If you would like to bring a face covering you are welcome to, although they are not mandatory. Hand sanitiser will be available at the door of the venue.

The House of Transformation
We are excited to be offering Liquid Gold sessions at the brand new House of Transformation in Hoxton - a re-imagined space designed to enhance wellbeing, showcase the arts, unleash circular economies and ignite lasting change.

We look forward to welcoming you to Liquid Gold!

Disclaimer: By purchasing a Liquid Gold ticket all ticket holders confirm their understanding that any healing or therapies received at the event are of a holistic nature and do not substitute for professional medical service.


 - LIQUID GOLD Sound Healing ExperienceLondon, United Kingdom