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Sarabande Foundation 22 Hertford Rd London N1 5SH - London, United Kingdom
21 JUNE, 19:00 - 20:00

Following Harry Evans and Robert George Sanders' immersive screening, Hollow Road at Sarabande, marking the Spring bank holiday and the completion of a series of lockdown films, Robert George Sanders is hosting an art ritual to mark the Summer Solstice, longest day of the year, and initiation of something new.

This piece marks the beginning of a new cycle of work for Robert George Sanders and partner Harry Evans. As we reach the longest day we find ourselves at a climax ready for change, this performance directly follows the pairs previous piece at Sarabande: ‘Hollow Road’ (2020) a film of a cast of disjointed visual characterisations walking, falling, stumbling and staggering down a country lane in a love-hate ode to catwalk fantasy. The end of this year long work is celebrated with ‘LITHA AT SARABANDE’, a liminal marker signalling a new beginning and yet-unrealised potential. Watch clothes from previous projects depart and new clothes discovered in an immersive fantasy landscape, with soundtrack in collaboration with musician Samuel Loveless and speech therapist Sara Parsons.

Following the performance guests will be invited to participate in a conversation led by Robert, Harry and Paul Kindersley, artist and past-collaborator (‘Christmas Lights Panto’ (2019)). Paul is a multidisciplinary artist working in film, performance, painting and drawing, textiles and ceramics, whose work shares elements of a visual language mingling in folklore, nature worship and ancient ceremony.

Poetically chaotic, juxtaposing distorted visual codes of identity with natural environment, we discuss what it means to the artists and their work to have some association with the pagan.

This transitional marker is the perfect moment for the three artists to explore the power of the liminal space on their practice. Please join us for homemade foraged refreshments, a performance designed by Robert and Harry and the chance for an insight into art magic.


Attendees — 1

Litha at Sarabande: The Art Ritual with Robert George SandersLondon, United Kingdom