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Online - London, United Kingdom

Organised by Mellor&Smith

Grab your tickets here: https://www.everyonehatesmarketers.com/fame

Tired of being ignored?

Tired of seeing the competition disappear on a rocket into the sunset?

Got a brand that should be number 1 in the category, if only more people had heard about it?

Then this Fame Masterclass is for you.

Because, famous sell more.

June 15 & 17, 2021 | 2 live masterclasses + Q&A + bonus

Early-bird price: €350. Full price: €490.

‍This is a no-fluff, actionable course by Paul Mellor (Mellor&Smith) & Louis Grenier (Everyone Hates Marketers). You'll be empowered. Empowered to finally crack that nut. Making a brand famous isn't easy, but with this course, you'll have the framework to do it with your own blood, sweat, and tears; or when you're commissioning an agency, you'll know when they're taking the piss.

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Live Masterclass: Famous brands sell more, to more people, for bigger marginsLondon, United Kingdom