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London, United Kingdom
Join Assemblage illustrator Yelyzaveta Berestova and Ioana Simion of Artizine UK for a concertina booklet making workshop!

If you’ve been looking for a time and place to release your creativity and you own some paper and pencils ... guess what? You’re invited!

We encourage you to grab anything you have around the house to create your unique creations designs. Learn about collage, illustration and other accessible art-making techniques!

Come along to our workshop to meet other creatives, network and explore:

- Ways of constructing stories through methods of deconstruction, re-interpretation, hacktivism and zero-waste making
- The art of drawing from examples, memory or your own imagination
- Accessible folding and book-making techniques
- Tools to record feelings, release blocks, anxieties and train your mind to think more visually

Every ticket includes:

- A PDF with unique digital patterns exclusively made for you by our workshop hosts that you can use as inspiration for your creations.
- A complimentary Q&A session at the end of the workshop for those looking for guidance or advice in their creative journey.

Meet your workshop facilitators:

Yelyzaveta Berestova is a visual storyteller, whose work being mostly illustrative tells stories through text and image. She is in her third year of BA illustration and Visual media course at LCC (UAL). Currently undertaking a DPS year, she is gaining some real-world experience at Adamah Media and HOPE. Born and raised in Ukraine, she’s a London based creator whose work mostly revolves around everyday experiences inspired by people, nature and buildings.

Ioana Simion is a visual creative and arts facilitator, who believes creativity and play are essential for self-development. Ioana started Artizine UK in 2019, as a platform aiming to connect communities together through zine-making. Since then, she’s been collaborating with artists, not for profits and galleries to facilitate zine workshops, inviting individuals to celebrate the joy of art-making and the process behind it.
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'Make Concertina Booklets with Us!' Digital WorkshopLondon, United Kingdom