Modual: Catalyst
Somerset House – details tbc if you get a space on the workshop - London, United Kingdom

Organised by University of The Arts London (UAL)

Modual: Catalyst is a 6 day collaborative design workshop for UAL staff, supported by UAL Teaching, Learning and Employability Exchange.

Create, develop and deliver innovative educational initiatives for UAL. Catalyst is open to all UAL staff from across the colleges, including non-teaching and part-time staff.
Attendance on each day of the workshop is mandatory. Please note you must be a member of UAL staff to participate in Modual: Catalyst. The workshop is free to attend, and lunch will be provided.
Participants will be required to attend from 10am to 5pm.

Want to confirm your space? Please email: molly@modual. org

Registering your interest on The Dots does not confirm your space on the course.


Attendees — 5

Modual: CatalystLondon, United Kingdom