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Organised by Like minded females (LMF Network CIC)

Why Money Matters? 52% of women never put their money in an investment product versus only 37% of men Women earn 13.7% less for the same jobs as their male colleagues 12.8 million households in the UK have less than £1,500 in savings But we are not here to bore you with statistics. We all know how essential money is for our lives, how difficult it is to talk about it, and how complicated it can be to understand. What is Money Matters? Money Matter is an essential course designed to guide you to a stress-free and prosperous financial life. We will share tips, trick and tools with which you can set your finances up for success - no matter where you start. While we will focus on the needs of young women, and people from underrepresented backgrounds, we welcome anyone to join us and learn. During this 8 week multimedia programme, will cover the mindset, skills and modern financial services everyone needs to succeed with their money. In true LMF fashion, Money Matters will include honest conversations, open minds, and actionable steps anyone can take to better their lives.

Money Mindset On our first session, we will set the groundwork for financial wellbeing with tackling our mindset around money. We will discuss the essential first steps to better money management and how to take them. We will cover: Our common misconceptions around money How to align our thoughts and habits to support our financial success Where do we need to start our financial journey Workshop & Panel We will start our session with a 30-minute workshop, held by Preethi Sundaram. Preethi, the Head of Industry Marketing at LinkedIn, will be sharing her journey from debt to prosperity and expert tips on how can you set your mind to success. After the workshop, we will continue with a 45-minute panel discussion, where workshop participants will be able to ask any questions from not just financial experts, but everyday people who have mastered their finances. We’ll soon share our current round of workshop panellists. What will you get? Practical tips to start getting better with money A safe space to ask any question you might have about personal finance A workbook with essential exercises to start you off on your money journey
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