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"Money Talks" is a three-part series including interviews, workshops and panels brought to you by For Working Ladies. The events will take place over three nights from May - June with the aim of creating a space to demystify the world of personal and business finance. 
In this first series, we'll be having an honest discussion about "our relationship with money and how to manage the money in our lives more effectively". The event will kick off with an interview with Alex Holder, journalist and author of Open Up, an outspoken, warm and timely book that destigmatises the way we talk, think and feel about money. It's full of conversations about money in everyday life - how we earn it, how we spend it and how it affects us. Alex will be sharing her experience around money and also go into more detail about certain aspects of her book. 
Following the interview, there will be a panel discussion including
  • Ashley Agwuncha of Money Medics
  • Michelle Sims of  Finimize
  • Natacha Blackman of Budget Girl
  • Michelle Keller-Hobson of Wealth Simple.
They will be demystifying the world of personal finance, offering practical and relatable advice to help you take control of your money and provide solutions to those questions you've been avoiding. We'll discuss savings, debt management and credit scores. 
Come along to a no judgement zone to take part in a conversation that will help you achieve a healthy relationship with money. It's about time we started talking about it.
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Attendees — 16

 - Money Talks : PT.1 Personal FinanceThe Curtain 45 CURTAIN ROAD, LONDON EC2A 3PTSold Out