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On Wednesday 10th June, we’ll be hosting an intimate discussion for current and aspiring founders. Reflecting on what it takes to go from inception to success, we’ll have two excellent founders talking about their own journeys of building a business from the ground up. Join us in conversation with Moritz Braatz, Co-founder of Noah and Tim Edwards, Co-founder of Codicies as we discuss:
- Defining the idea - Designing and building a great product - Building a team who share your values - Getting customers - Raising money (and knowing your worth!) - Scaling up!
...and much more!


Moritz Braatz - Co-Founder of Noah
Experienced Product Manager at renowned DTC brands such as eve Sleep PLC, Heist Studios & now Noah. Passionate about reducing the friction between brands and consumers by building seamless, logical and simple interactions.
At Noah, we are building the first brand offering curated Starter Kit for all situations in life.

Tim Edwards - Co-Founder of Codicies
Codices are a technology and content start-up building the future of live interactive shows. Their leading Twitch extension Quiz Kit has over 4,000 broadcasters and 950,000 players each month, while they also work with Twitch, Amazon Prime, The Premier League and some of the world's largest game studios to produce brand new live shows and tools.
The team has strong a background, including their CTO who was previously a Senior Data Engineer at Amazon and Head of Content who previously ran the largest interactive show, HQ Trivia, in the UK and Europe.
Tim Edwards started Codices in June 2018 through an incubator in Falmouth, Cornwall. He recently closed their seed round and previously worked in a number of start-ups and SMBs with a mixed background in creative media, engineering and business development.

Hosting this event is Multivitamin, a group of tech companies that change the world through the products they build. With 4 studios spanning London, Cornwall, Kiev and Bulgaria, we work as an extension of your team to support big ambitious goals. Whether that’s extensive user research, progressive branding or forward thinking experience design. Please reach out to: charlotte@vitaminlondon.com for additonal information.

FOR TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/multivitamin-presents-meet-the-founders-tickets-106238297608
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