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Innovation is exciting. From steam engines to search engines, innovation is a miraculous, collaborative phenomenon - enlivening our existence and playing a powerful role in driving our society forward.
But many of us still don’t fully comprehend how it arises, and the extent of its influence.

Often defying any logic or order, innovation evolves from the human exchange of information and is strengthened by trial and error. Innovation has shaped the twenty-first century - but has it reached its peak? Is the mysterious process of innovation - poorly understood by policy makers and businessmen alike - about to shift from feast to famine?

Join Matt Ridley, author of How Innovation Works, in conversation with Nesta CEO Ravi Gurumurthy. Drawing on stories from throughout history, he will unravel the mystery of how innovation works and explore how we can harness its remarkable power.

Matt Ridley's book, How innovation works, is available from Nesta's partnered independent book shop Primrose Books.


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Nesta Talks to Matt Ridley: Are we Really on the Brink of an Innovation Famine?London, United Kingdom