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Online - London, United Kingdom

Organised by London College of Fashion, UAL

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The first in a series of fashion talks that investigates the EU funded 'New Cotton Project' that aims to contribute to a circular economy in which textiles are reused, recycled or regenerated into new garments. Under the project, a consortium of brands, manufacturers, suppliers, innovators and research institutes aim to prove that circular, sustainable fashion “is not only an ambition, but can be achieved today”.

There are twelve fashion companies participating in the project which include Adidas, H&M Group, Finnish biotechnology group Infinited Fiber Company, Aalto University, Fashion for Good, Frankenhuis, Inovafil, Kipas Textiles, REvolve Waste, Rise, Tekstina, and Xamk. Their aim is demonstrate circularity in textiles through the development of new fibres from old, to be used in the production of collections for Adidas and H&M.

We will be joined for a roundtable discussion hosted by Ellie Savage from Fashion for Good.

Panelists include:

Traci Kinden- Founder of REvolve Waste

Kirsi Niinimäki- Associate Professor in Design and Fashion Research of Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Finland

Kirsi Terho- Key Account Director at Infinited Fiber Company

During this panel session we will hear from Traci Kinden, founder of REvolve Waste, Kirsi Niinimäki, Associate Professor in Design and Fashion Research of Aalto University in Finland and Kirsi Terho, Key Account Director of Infinited fiber company.

Taking a deep dive into the EU Horizon 2020 funded New Cotton Project to better understand how the fashion and textile industry can move forward from a linear to a circular model for commercial garment production. We discuss current waste streams and how capturing the value in waste is key to the fashion industry’s future.


Attendees — 24

 - New Cotton Project: Redesigning the value in wasteLondon, United Kingdom