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London UK - 24 Shelton St, London WC2H 9UB, UK
This day-long course is designed to provide an overview of how to produce factual programmes or series’, and independent documentary productions. Starting with participant’s ideas the course will take them through the many varied aspects of a producers role from budgeting through to selling the idea on the international market.
The course is suitable for absolute beginners and those who already have some experience, but want to learn how it all fits together in order to understand how a project is managed from start to finish.
Participants are advised to come along with one idea to work through the stages of producing. Legal and compliance issues will be worked through with reference to individual projects and there will be a guide on how to generate the necessary legal and compliance paperwork.
As a guide, Tracey will create a budget for a project which will be projected onto a screen. By building up a budget line-by-line participants will gain an insight into how to run a production – sample contracts and release forms will be discussed and examples handed out. There will also be a discussion about different funding routes, post-production, festivals and international sales agents.
Long or short, fully-financed or funded through favours – this will provide researchers, assistant producers and fledgling independent film makers with a solid grounding in all aspects of producing.

  • To provide a guide as to how budgets work.


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NEW! How to produce your unscripted idea; budgets, schedules, contracts, finance and insurance24 Shelton St, London WC2H 9UB, UK