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Marketing with purpose - learn how to connect with people behind the screens harnessing the power of a positive impact marketing strategy. Foster trustworthy and honest relationships online (and turn this into a powerful tactic you can grow and evolve). Share your journey online to inspire leadership and stand out in the feed.

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Learn about the building blocks of positive impact marketing for your business by applying the pillars and core principles that drive this marketing movement and how to adapt them to your business objectives.
This workshop is for purpose-driven entrepreneurs and business owners looking to build their audience, digital marketers seeking impactful strategies to expand their brands' online presence, and individuals interested in starting a career in digital marketing with a positive twist.

In this interactive and hands-on way to build a strong relationship with ideal customers, you will dive headfirst into the pillars of positive impact marketing. Skill up with exercises, and have the foundations to adapt your marketing with confidence.

​Together we'll learn...
  • ​The role positive marketing plays in the digital space
  • ​Define and execute at least three best practices on positive impact marketing
  • ​How to create and curate content that inspires renewed trust from your audience
  • ​A template for identifying the core pillars of an impactful digital marketing strategy

​You'll take the first step to map a marketing project that roots in company values and driving purpose. Marketing is not all about targets and ROI. It is also about developing winning strategies rooted in solid relationships with your audience. And obviously, and making a positive impact in the world.

❤️Testimonials from marketing pros that came before you:
  • ​"Fab has a beautiful way of teaching, lots of jokes and humour. Excellent!! Excellent supporting material, practical examples, and captures the class very well."
  • ​"It was such a valuable lesson. The idea behind better marketing practices and how to create a strategy according to the tools Fab showed us."
  • ​My head was filled with food for thought as I went through the lesson with her. She was energetic and stimulating.“
  • ​"Her lesson was very entertaining and light-hearted. Fab managed to get the information across in a fun way."
  • ​"Fab is energetic, insightful, easy to understand, and positive energy. It was a great lesson."
​"Fab was incredible! I earned many storytelling tools and techniques, she teaches well, and she's lovely."

About this workshop

​This 1-hour free hands-on workshop is a taster class based on principles we teach on our 6-week digital marketing certification for professionals: find out more here

How will this event run?
The event will run on Airmeet and you'll be able to interact in the chat as well as complete exercises throughout the session. You'll also be able to access a short networking session before class to discuss the topic of the day with fellow attendees.It is an interactive session, and spots are extremely limited, so we encourage you to come in and join us live for the best experience.

Will there be a replay?
The free live workshop runs in very small groups - to maximise the class experience and ensure live students get the most out of the session, we currently offer 48-hour replays (we'll send you a link after the event if you need to leave early).

Why learn from us at Alt Marketing School?
Market to hearts, not brains. We are a marketing school offering a 6-week digital marketing certification for professionals who want to do marketing differently and a short 2-week intensive marketing fundamentals course.
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