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Public speaking training to help you influence any audience, build your confidence and help you conquer any stage (or boardroom).

Working with Andi Jarvis from Eximo Marketing you'll learn the secrets to influencing an audience, gain the confidence you need to present in front of big groups and find out a bunch of practical tips to put together better slide decks.

It's not just for people who want to present at conferences either. If you have to present to a group of people, either for external sales or internally, this workshop will help you too.

Price includes a light lunch and refreshments.

Course Content
The workshop is broken down into six acts - short sections to give you focus on different elements of public speaking.

Act 1: Psychology of Public Speaking - Understanding why you get nervous and learning how to deal with it

Act 2: Story Telling - Bringing your content to life with classic story mechanics

Act 3: Your Song - How to use your voice to engage the audience

Act 4: Your Dance - Using body language to convey your message

Act 5: Slide Deck - How to avoid death by PowerPoint

Act 6: Tips - Practical tips to remember for when the big day happens

Your Trainer
Andi is a marketing strategist and trainer with almost 20 years' experience. He is an in demand conference speaker and marketing psychology expert who works with companies across the UK and Ireland. He uses his experience to help people overcome their fears to find their confidence to speak in meetings and at events. Eximo Marketing is based in Belfast and Liverpool.
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