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Zoom - London, United Kingdom

Organised by BAFTA

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As part of Pride month, join the team behind CBBC football drama, Jamie Johnson, to discuss the latest hard-hitting storyline and the importance of visible LGBT role-models in children’s programming and sport.

The panel focuses on a powerful storyline unfolding in CBBC’s popular drama, Jamie Johnson, as a character comes out to his family and team-mates. Alex Kay-Jelski (editor-in-chief, The Athletic) hosts the discussion with BAFTA nominated writer Shaun Duggan; actors Laquarn Lewis, Patrick Ward and Head of Content for BBC Children’s, Cheryl Taylor. The panel addresses how to tackle storylines for maximum impact and relevance to young viewers; the importance of LGBT+ role-models; and the role of the BBC in championing harder-hitting content for its audience. Hugo Scheckter (Head of Player Care at West Ham United) also joins the conversation to look at the way professional football is tackling the challenges and driving positive change.

Jamie Johnson is produced by Short Form Film.

To maximise time for discussion and Q&A, clips will not be shown as part of this event. We recommend watching episode 8, series 5 (Outside the Box) in advance of this session which is available on CBBC and iPlayer from 17.00 BST on 25 June.


Attendees — 5

 - Q&A: Jamie Johnson - Tackling Issues Head OnLondon, United Kingdom