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London, United Kingdom

Organised by TATE

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Join KUCHENGA and Mzz Kimberley as they consider why it's essential to make Black, trans women visible in our galleries

Black, trans, feminist writer KUCHENGA will be joined by cabaret artist Mzz Kimberley from inside the Andy Warhol exhibition at Tate Modern. Together, they’ll consider the impact of seeing women like themselves depicted in Warhol’s Ladies and Gentlemen series. Mzz Kimberley will reflect on her friendship with the artist and the impact New York’s queer scene in the 70s had on her own artistic development.

Trans members of the audience will also have the chance to write their own lives into transcestry, by donating their story to the Museum of Transology's queer, trans, Black, and indigenous people of color (QTIBIPOC) collection.


KUCHENGA (she/her)

KUCHENGA is a writer, journalist and avid reader of Black women’s literature as a matter of survival.  Her Black, transsexual, feminist work seeks to cleave souls open with truth and sincerity.  She’s writing a novel about a young, Black trans girl from North London whose triumphant journey takes her down a path of sexual scandal, substance abuse and a mission to prove the Jamaican family legend that she’s a descendant of Admiral Horatio Nelson.

Twitter @kuchengcheng Instagram @KUCHENGA

Mzz Kimberley (she/her)

Mzz Kimberley is an award-winning stage and cabaret performer. She founded Mzz Kimberley’s LIFE to amplify trans performers across the entertainment industry.

Her powerful voice entertains audiences with jazz, soul, musical theatre and gospel from London to New York. She’s on the UK’s 2020 LGBT Power List and is the first trans woman to present the LGBTQ+ Champion prize at the Black British Theatre Awards.

Twitter @mzzkimberley and @MzzK_LIFE Instagram @mzzkimberley

Museum of Transology 

The Museum of Transology (MoT) is the world’s most significant collection of material culture surrounding trans, non-binary and intersex lives.  It aims to halt the erasure of trans lives from history, to tackle the misrepresentation of trans people in the political sphere, and to combat the spectacularization of trans bodies and experiences by the mainstream media.

The MoT’s QTIBIPOC collection will ensure black trans lives aren’t whitewashed from queer history.

Twitter @MoTransology  Instagram @museumoftransology


Attendees — 54

 - Queer And Now - I See You, BabyLondon, United Kingdom