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About the conference:

Following the success of our inaugural conference in 2020, we are in the second year of our academic conference. This is an opportunity to hear from our staff, students, and industry partners about their research and practice on themes which are relevant to academic, experts, students, and those with an interest in the wider business landscape. This year's conference will look at work which spans different sectors and industries and takes a multi-disciplinary approach to how we can plan for sustainable, innovative, and equal business future. Everyone is welcome.

Keynote Speakers:

Jeremy Dalton, Author of RealityCheckXR.com - a book about VR/AR tech in business Head of XR at PwC UK
How XR can be a strong sales and marketing tool?
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality have strong applications in a number of areas including within sales and marketing, but what exactly makes these technologies so powerful when connecting with consumers? In this session, we'll discuss the driving force behind this, backed by data from multiple, independent sources, with real-life case studies from organisations in different industries.

Andrew Griffiths, Director of Community and Partnerships for Planet Mark
We Can Create a Sustainable Future – Here’s Why.
  • We’re up shit creek, but we’ve still got our paddle! There are tangible signs of hope that we can create a sustainable future. In order to achieve this we must pull together, educate ourselves and take meaningful action within communities, organisations and nations at a scale never previously seen in the history of humanity. This is our moon mission. During this session we’ll explore the climate crisis, including how we know that we’re in serious danger, right though to the hopeful signs that we can achieve the magnitude of change necessary to save ourselves. Warning – this session may leave you with a healthy dose of outrage & optimism, accompanied by a strong desire to do something about it.


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Re-thinking Sustainability, Innovation and Equality in Business- ConferenceLondon, United Kingdom