Online - London, United Kingdom

Organised by The Lovie Awards

Join this special event to be inspired, and learn from, one of the most innovative virtual experiences to come out of the last year. Join Robin McNicholas of Marshmallow Laser Feast and Pippa Hill of the Royal Shakespeare Company as they share their experiences living through the pandemic and creating "Dream", a project that brought performance and gaming technology together to explore new ways for audiences to experience live theatre.


Pippa Hill, Head of Literary, Royal Shakespeare Company
Robin McNicholas, Co-founder & Director, Marshmallow Laser Feast
Nick Farnhill, Co-Chair, The Lovie Awards & CEO, Publicis Poke

About Reshape What's Possible

Our community will come together for three live, virtual events to discuss what’s next on the Internet, from the future of podcasts and audio, to best practices in remote production and virtual entertainment, to how we fuel creativity and design from afar.
Each event will feature entertaining and useful conversations between Lovie Awards Co-Chairs, Nick Farnhill and Nicolas Roope and brilliant leaders across Europe who are reshaping what’s possible in our new world, including past Lovie Winners and European members of The International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences (IADAS), the judging body of The Lovie Awards.


Attendees — 5

Reshape What's Possible: Best Practices in Virtual Entertainment with Royal Shakespeare CompanyLondon, United Kingdom